Skilling India

Through Vocational

Training Centres


What are VTCs?

Gyanoday seeks to equip financially fragile individuals with the basic vocational training necessary for them to gain meaningful employment. Currently, we are running five vocational training centres across Meerut, in which the trainees, learn skills that substantially results in their empowerment.


Skills That Lead to Employment

Gyanoday’s VTCs provide trainings on Stitching and Tailoring, Mehndi Designs, Basic Computer Skills and Beauty Care.

Through our thorough research, these were identified as the key courses, as they have the highest potential to provide employment options to the beneficiaries based on their location.

Apart from this, individuals have also been motivated to work independently by using these skillsets in order to earn a livelihood.

Stitching & Tailoring

We provide basic embroidery skills to deprived individuals in order to enhance their livelihood.


We also host mehndi designing sessions, as this skillset has numerous employment opportunities across India.

Computer Training

We also provide basic computer training as it has many employment opportunities.

Beautician Courses

Deprived individuals are also trained in this domain in order to help them earn a livelihood.


Three States, Five Centres

Our Vocational Training Centres have turned out to be a powerful tool in empowering individuals and communities, especially those who may not have had access to traditional educational opportunities. By providing practical skills and knowledge, vocational training has helped people increase their employability and earning potential, which has in turn helped them in breaking the shackles of poverty. Over the course of time, Gyanoday has been able to set up five Vocational Training Centres across Meerut & Deshradun.


Straight from our VTCs

Through our VTCs, we have enabled individuals from the underprivileged communities to gain meaning employment opportunities through  skill based training programmes. Our success stories are a testament to the positive impact that Gyanoday has been making in the lives of the underprivileged since the past 21 years!


Numbers that Matter

Till now, Gyanoday has impacted over 40,000 individuals by providing them with numerous employment opportunities in different companies.


See us in Action!

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