By Compassion,

United In Action


Together, we're Making a Difference

Gyanoday is a passionate and dedicated team of changemakers driven by a vision to make a difference in the world. With a strong foundation of successful initiatives, we strive to build a more sustainable and prosperous society, one that puts humanity first and prioritizes the long-term benefits of people.


Senior Core Team

Our senior core team is made up of a diverse and talented group of individuals who bring a wide range of skills and expertise to the table. They are all committed to our mission and work tirelessly to ensure that we are making a positive impact in the world.

As a team, they provide strategic guidance and oversight, helping to set priorities and ensure that we are staying true to our values and principles. We are proud to have such dedicated individuals leading our organization and helping us to achieve our goals.

Their passion and commitment are a driving force behind Gyanoday’s undaunted success!!

Mrs. Bindu Mudgal
Ms. Vinita Chaube
Head of Operations and Co-ordinator
Mrs. Amrit Burrett

Senior Co-ordinator

Subedar Surendra Singh
Manager Headquarters
Mr. Praveen Kumar

Head Co-ordinator

Mrs. Vandana Rastogi
Co-ordinator, Academics In-charge
Mr. Ajay Kumar
Mr. Mohit Kumar
Mr. Kundan Singh
Assistant Co-ordinator
Mr. Chand
Mrs. Kiran Anand
Teacher, Mangatpuram Vatika
Mrs. Geeta Gupta
Teacher, Kishanpura Vatika
Mrs. Kamlesh Banga
Teacher,  Jawahar Nagar Vatika
Ms. Neha
Teacher, Dayal VTC
Mrs. Pinky
Teacher, Hawai Patti Vatika
Ms. Sabiya
Teacher, Mehrauli Vatika
Mrs. Sunita Chaudhary
Teacher, Gyanoday Nai Basti Vatika
Mrs. Nirmal
Admin assistant
Mrs. Rajkumari Tyagi
Head Teacher, Dayal Vatika
Ms. Ruby
Teacher, Okhla Vatika, Delhi
Ms. Vishakha
Teacher, Dayal Vatika
Mrs. Munni Singh
Support Staff
Mrs. Neelam Khanna
Teacher, Gyanoday Jawahar Nagar Vatika
Ms. Radha Kashyap
VTC Head and Teacher, Bhoosa Mandi Vatika
Mrs. Munesh Raj
Teacher, Mangatpuram Vatika
Mrs. Lata Mohan
Teacher, Ghosi Mohalla Vatika
Mrs. Sunita Tyagi
Teacher, Multan Nagar Vatika
Mrs. Sunita Arya
Teacher, Bindal Bridge Vatika
Ms. Ruby
Teacher, Okhla Vatika, Delhi
Ms. Pooja Gautam
Teacher, Jawahar Nagar VTC (Stitching)
Mrs. Sunita Singh
Teacher, Multan Nagar VTC (Stitching)
Ms. Kajal
Teacher, Dayal VTC (Stitching)
Mr. Himanshu
Teacher, Dayal VTC (Computers)
Ms. Neetu Rana
Teacher, Purukul Vatika
Mr. Kunal
Teacher, Kaserukhera Vatika
Ms. Srishti Pundir
Teacher, Admin Assistant and Executive Social Media
Ms. Lavi
Admin assistant


Join our Team

Since 2001, we have impacted more than 10 million underprivileged individuals, but we still have a long way to go! If you’re interested in joining our team, please complete the application form below.