Success Story of Sumit

GyanodayJuly 11, 2022

This article contains the personal account of the aspirations, effort and achievements of any one member of the Gyanoday Family. The words have been translated from Hindi, but remain in original form, without any corrections having been made.

When Sumit came along at Gyanoday’s Ghosi Mohalla Vatika, we had realized that a star was born. Here’s what he has to say, “I’ll never have enough words to express as to how thankful I am to Gyanoday. It’s because of them that I recieved a scholarship for my higher studies at St Joseph’s Inter College. With the help of Gyanoday, I had reached the first stage of studies, and I’m eternally grateful. Gyanoday is still supporting my sister, and is still supporting me in whatever I require help in. Learning things like BodyLanguage, Communication, fluent English from the organization has been a major contributing factor to my job at a Cloth House.”

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