Success Story of Rajesh

GyanodayJune 30, 2022

Story of Rajesh Srivastava, 

Journey from ruptured dreams towards a bright future!

Success stories and smiling faces are what preserves our enthusiasm for the work we do at Gyanoday and keeps us immersed in the process of giving away more.

Today we have another prominent success story worth sharing.

Let us introduce you to Rajesh Srivastava, one of our students from Dayal Gyanoday Vatika. Rajesh has a good track record in his academics and wishes to be a Chartered Accountant someday.

Let’s take a look at his past life. Rajesh lost his father at quite an early age. He and his family of 6 that includes him, his mother and his 4 siblings were devastated at the loss of their father at this early age with no other working family member left. While the chances of gathering the basic necessities for continuing livelihood were shallow on their part, pursuing education was a far distant dream to chase for Rajesh.

The only earning member in Rajesh’s family is his mother who works in a shop to sustain the family. They still belong to a part of the society with no electricity connection.

Rajesh joined hands with Gyanoday 7 years back with the hope of chasing his dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant and for supporting his family. Rajesh has always been thorough in his academics and his dedication towards studies enabled him to get enrolled for our scholarship program. Currently he is also pursing computer education from Vocational training centre at Dayal Gyanoday Vatika.

Gyanoday encourages students like Rajesh by provide them a fair opportunity and necessary platform to educate themselves and realise their dreams. We wish Rajesh all the very best in his future endeavors.

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