Success Story of Rahul

GyanodayJuly 9, 2022

This article contains the personal account of the aspirations, effort and achievements of any one member of the Gyanoday Family. The words have been translated from Hindi, but remain in original form, without any corrections having been made.

Rahul, our Scholar at Gyanoday Blossoms School Vatika.He is currently pursuing B.A. Ist year at NAS College and is also a NCC Cadet. Rahul aspires to become an Army Officer. We are truly proud to be able to help him in achieving his goals. He completed his schooling through Gyanoday’s Scholarship Programme. Apart from this, Rahul is also teaching Games at our Blossoms School Vatika, which clearly reflects his positive outlook towards humanity, he wants our young Indians to be fit and healthy.
In order to turn his dream into reality, our team at Gyanoday has worked relentlessly over years nurturing his goals.

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