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Success Story of Srishti

Meet Srishti, a member of the Gyanoday family. Her journey with Gyanoday Parivaar has been an inspiring one, full of challenges and triumphs that have brought her to where she is today.

When Srishti first joined Gyanoday, she was facing financial difficulties. Thanks to a scholarship, she was able to continue her education without worrying about money. This was just the beginning of her connection with Gyanoday. Soon, she became a student of the organization’s founder, Mr. Avinash Singh Alag.

Srishti had the privilege of taking part in a transformative program called Baanh, designed for Gyanoday students. Baanh helped her discover her career path and equipped her with the skills she needed to succeed in her chosen field. Mr. Alag’s guidance was invaluable during this time, and Srishti is grateful for the chance to learn from him.

After completing the Baanh course, Srishti was offered a job at Gyanoday headquarters as an Office Executive. This was a dream come true for her, and she was thrilled to work with such an amazing organization. She proudly applies the knowledge she gained from Baanh in her job every day.

Working at Gyanoday has been a life-changing experience for Srishti. She has had the privilege of collaborating with talented and passionate individuals who share her dedication to education and transformation. Her role as an Office Executive involves ensuring the office runs smoothly, a responsibility she takes great pride in.

However, what truly makes Gyanoday special for Srishti is the people. The Gyanoday family is like no other – they support, uplift, and celebrate each other’s achievements. Srishti cherishes the friendships she has formed here and believes they will last a lifetime.

Reflecting on her journey with Gyanoday, Srishti realizes it’s a genuine success story. From facing financial hardships to landing a fulfilling job at Gyanoday, she has come a long way. But her journey doesn’t end here. Srishti knows there are more opportunities for growth and learning ahead, and she eagerly anticipates what the future holds with Gyanoday.

In closing, Srishti extends her heartfelt gratitude to Gyanoday Parivaar and Mr. Avinash Singh Alag for believing in her and providing the chance to transform her life. She takes immense pride in being a part of this remarkable organization and looks forward to many more years of achievement and advancement with her Gyanoday family.