Success Story of Naina

GyanodayJuly 5, 2022

This article contains the personal account of the aspirations, effort and achievements of any one member of the Gyanoday Family. The words have been translated from Hindi, but remain in original form, without any corrections having been made.

Meet Naina, a 4th year BA LLB student. Watch as she narrates her 10 years of merry association with one of Gyanoday Vatika’s and how our scholarship programs are gradually lighting up her path towards a better future.

Transforming lives, demand a lot more effort than narrating stories. At Gyanoday, the forefront of our vision is putting a happy smile on the innocent faces of the underprivileged. We sow the seeds of dream in the underprivileged and aim to be a guiding beacon that leads them to their destiny.

Feel the effort! Join us in our constant endeavor to bring smiles to many more innocent faces.

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