Success Story of Amravati

GyanodayJuly 1, 2022

Story of Our First Scholar Amravati, 

Have you ever imagined what it takes to overcome the harshest realities of life?

Let us walk you through the journey of Amrawati, the first scholar from Gyanoday who has been able to break her family free from the poverty cycle with the power of education and scholarships.

Amrawati belonged from a financially poor household and her father being a rickshaw puller was not very open minded about his daughter getting educated. Against all the odds, Amrawati managed to continue with her education and finally secured employment at a 7 Star Hotel in Bangalore. Swipe through to learn more about her inspiring journey…

What Amrawati has gone through is the reality of thousands of underprivilged children and youth in India and what we need today is access to quality educational support for all. Supporting our efforts will allow us to give underprivileged children and youth the momentum they need to fly.

Donate now – be the one to transform the outcome for a child.

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