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Strictly Non – Negotiable !!!

Some aspects of the work my colleagues and I do as a part of Blossoms School and Gyanoday is founded on strictly Non-Negotiable values that we stand for!

And, we have been outrageously stubborn about them in the past close to three decades!

One such aspect of our philosophy is Experiential Education. And, for the simple reason that ‘Experience’ Is The Best Teacher.

Let’s look at it like this. Can you describe the taste of strawberry? Seriously, can you?

No, You can’t! Can you define what salt tastes like?

No!! You can only compare or give a vague analogy, but there are some things you just can’t either describe or convey in words.

And, so it is for outdoor learning, particularly, of the Adventurous nature, in which, those few extremely important aspects of life can be understood clearly. And, all these are so very important! And will remain so, no matter how much AI and technology come into our life.

For instance, Courage. Courage can genuinely be taught, when you put a person in a situation where courage is strongly required, like crossing a very deep crevasse or rappelling down on hundred feet slippery face of rock in heavy rain or going into a dense jungle in darkness, in the awareness that there might be wild animals lurking around and yet to survive and come back!

And then, Team spirit! You can go on and on giving lectures and referring to books about team spirit and camaraderie, but can it be truly understood by students until they learn to play, to think, to plan, to act, to fight, and to strive like a team! Never!

And then there are many-many more aspects, like self reliance, like responsibility and so on and so on etc, that come up so naturally, during outdoor learning.

And that is why, we feel that every child must essentially be put through outdoor experiential learning, so that what they need to know for life, they learn through Practical experience.