Volunteering in India: Become the Changemakers of your community by joining Gyanoday NGO

AnantAugust 5, 2021

Have you ever dreamt of changing the world, or making Earth a better planet to live on? Or maybe, a better education system, or 100% literacy rate? We believe everyone has. But have you ever tried doing that? If not, then you’re not alone. Here is that one push into how you can use your life’s journey to improve the lives of others.

In 2021, the menace of poverty refuses to go away with lakhs of people being affected by the horrific effects of the second wave in India. Homelessness, unemployment, poverty were common terms heard over the news as well as witnessed accounts of it first hand. That is why, at Meerut’s best NGO for children’s education, Gyanoday, we decided to speak up on behalf of those who can’t speak up for themselves. And the best way to execute this is to volunteer.

Being a volunteer helps not just build interpersonal skills and accelerate your personal growth, but you also develop communication, leadership and decision-making skills. It is important to be empathetic towards others, and the best way to realize others struggle is through volunteering. Here are a few benefits of volunteering in India:

1. Improve the lives of the lesser-privileged people or communities
2. Volunteering gives the opportunity to give back the pleasure & resources you have to society
3. It gives you an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life
4. It adds newer dimensions to your understanding of life & taking it full of gratitude, for you know after volunteering there are people out there who are less privileged and you are blessed with literally more resources & joys.

Come what may your pain, your sorrow is still less than someone in the world.

As Gyanoday continues to fight the widening levels of the impact of COVID in urban and rural areas, there is an increased need for volunteers to staff and support us. Despite working under limited financial resources, a volunteer’s journey will expose you to endless possibilities and impact you in a positive way.

What are you waiting for? Join Gyanoday today as a volunteer here!

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