Success Story of Vishal

Gyanoday September 15, 2022

I have been a part of Gyanoday Vatika since 18 years. Gyanoday has made me a better person.

 I have learnt basic etiquettes from here. Gyanoday has brought a drastic change in my behaviour. I aspire to become an Art Teacher. I’ve learnt the art of acting which has helped me earn monetary benefits as well. Every year I earn around Rs. 9000 during the festive season by performing at different places. Gyanoday is a gift of God for me. I thank Gyanoday for always being there for me…

This article contains the personal account of the aspirations, effort and achievements of any one member of the Gyanoday Family. The words have been translated from Hindi, but remain in original form, without any corrections having been made.

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