Success Story of Sawan

GyanodaySeptember 15, 2022

This article contains the personal account of the aspirations, effort and achievements of any one member of the Gyanoday Family. The words have been translated from Hindi, but remain in original form, without any corrections having been made.

“My name is Sawan, I am a scholar of Gyanoday since 2009. I have gained many things from Gyanoday. I also attended the ‘Baanh’ course and from that I have increased my self confidence and learnt communication skills and many more things. It’s an achievement for me that I am a part of the Gyanoday family. Right now I am pursuing B.A. from NAS College and I am also a NCC Cadet. I want to thank Mr. Avinash Singh Alag, Sir for providing such fruitful knowledge to us through the encouraging ‘Baanh’ course. .”

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