Anant November 9, 2020

From Healthcare to Food: Here’s How Gyanoday Helped the Destitute in Battling the Challenges of COVID-19

The foundation of humanity lies in helping our fellow human beings. Stories about people who help others in times of crisis have always inspired us.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, people faced a dire need of basic healthcare and medical resources. Numerous villages of India went through a dreadful hunger emergency. Thousands of people suffered from either starvation or malnutrition.

Things became worse when the Indian government declared a nationwide lockdown. Although the decision was necessary, it made the lives of many people even harder than it was before. It became a challenge for the marginalised sections of India such as the daily wage labourers, slum-dwellers, the homeless and the low-income groups to make ends meet to even survive. Elderlies who live alone felt hopeless like never before.

COVID-19 Relief Work

In this rigmarole, Gyanoday volunteered their time and resources to supply food and deliver the basic healthcare amenities to the destitute in Uttar Pradesh. We arranged relief funds and special packages for such individuals so they can battle out this catastrophe.

Gyanoday organized a 101 days Covid-19 response campaign where we gathered funds and assembled volunteers to help the poor and marginalized communities in the rural areas of UP.

To meet the dire need of health and safety, we distributed 26,442 face masks, 350 face shields and 100 PPE kits to the needy villagers. Total 1,800 litres of sanitizers (100 ml per person) were given out to 18,000 people around the state.

We went to 77 individual locations within the UP village regions and gave out dry ration packets to 32,232 impoverished families. There were an average 6 people in each of the families, out of which we counted the estimated beneficiaries of the dry ration packet distribution to be 1,93,392. These people were provided 2 meals a day for 15 days (58,01,760 meals).
Our 25 volunteers and sewadars put their efforts to save lives by serving langar at the Gurdwara and other outdoor locations. Total of 2,07,900 meals were served to 2058 individuals each day. 5 vehicles were deployed for the purpose of distributing the amenities to men, women and families living in those rural locations.

Besides, 18,600 Frooti Tetra packs and one biscuit packet along with each of those packs were served by the Gyanoday volunteers to the daily wagers and migrant labourers. So far, over 60,09,660 cumulative meals were provided to 4,83,384 beneficiaries (4,786 per day).


As the pandemic continues to loom over us, Gyanoday assures to adhere to all the necessary safety and hygiene measures while providing the 101-days relief service to the needy and marginalized areas of Uttar Pradesh. Our on-ground efforts till now have been successful and encouraging.

Support from the state agencies and authorities enabled us to make a difference in these trying times. Millions of people still need us in this hour of crisis.

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